OUR TEAM has a wealth of combined experience in applied microbiology research and delivering science services and solutions to industry.


– Director /

Principal Research Microbiologist

Dr Belinda Chapman is an applied research microbiologist with 25 years experience across the food, health and environment sectors, including for Arnott's, Burns Philp, Sanitarium, the CSIRO, The Sydney Catchment Authority, Vitramed, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, as well as for the University of Tasmania and KPMG. She is an affiliate RHD supervisor of the University of Sydney and the University of Tasmania.


– Principal Research Microbiologist

Dr Michelle Bull is an applied research microbiologist with 25 years experience across the food and health sectors, including nearly 20 years with the CSIRO. Michelle has worked with the food industry in Australia, Europe and the USA. Michelle is an affiliate RHD supervisor of the University of Sydney. Michelle spearheads Quantal's research efforts in applied microbiomics.


– Principal Research Microbiologist

Dr Janelle Brown is an applied research microbiologist with 20 years experience in food microbiology, including as a research trust fellow at the UK Institute of Food Research and the University of Aberdeen, as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam, and at the CSIRO. Janelle is also currently a Discipline Teacher for University College of the University of Tasmania, developing and delivering into the Associate Degree in Applied Science, specialising in Fermentation. 


– Applied Research Scientist

Emma Winley is a horticulturalist and applied microbiologist with 20 years experience in postharvest physiology of horticultural produce and postharvest microbiology. Emma has worked for the NSW Department of Agriculture, the CSIRO, the NSW Food Authority, Western Sydney University and Applied Horticultural Research.


– Research Microbiologist /

Science Engagement Coordinator

Joining Quantal Bioscience in 2021, Mark Wilson is a research microbiologist with more than 20 years experience in microbiology, including with the CSIRO. Mark specialises in the identification of yeasts and moulds of importance to the food industry. Mark is passionate about science education, and beside his work for Quantal as a research microbiologist, coordinates our MSchool curriculum-based and co-curriculum programs with schools and parents.    


– Research Microbiologist

Scott Mitchell is a research microbiologist and current employee and PhD student of Quantal Bioscience. Scott's PhD research topic is "The effect of microbiome composition on antibiotic resistance gene prevalence and horizontal gene transmission in the equine hindgut". Scott has a Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours from the University of Technology Sydney and is undertaking his PhD with Associate Professor Nick Coleman at the University of Sydney, co-supervised by Belinda and Michelle. 


- Research Microbiologist

Last year Georgia Wunderlich completed her Bachelor of Medical Science Honours degree at the University of Sydney, working with Quantal Bioscience and Professor Wieland Meyer at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. In 2021 Georgia continues with our team as our newest Research Microbiologist, specialising in mycology and mycobiomics, while continuing to  contribute to Quantal's science engagement programs.


– Research Assistant

Blake Smith is currently in his second year studying Microbiology at Western Sydney University, and working part-time for Quantal in our research lab during semester, and joining us for intensive periods during our school holiday science programs, where he's a definite favourite with our students. 


– Junior Research Assistant

Dieter Zadow is currently in Year 10 at high school, but already has years of training in microbiology research, studying in Quantal Bioscience's MSchool program. Dieter is a passionate scientist, and we're excited to have him as the newest member of our team, and our first ever Junior Research Assistant, working with us after school a couple of afternoons a week.



– Associate Scientist

Andy Ryland is a horticulturalist and applied entomologist with 30 years experience in agriculture, horticulture and integrated pest management. Andy was a founding partner in and manager for 10 years of The Beneficial Bug Company , and was the inaugural secretary of the Australasian Biological Control Association. Andy consults broadly to the horticultural industry as Integrated Pest Management Consulting (IPMC).


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