Quantal Bioscience is a unique small science business developing new knowledge, innovative solutions & novel products using applied microbiology & microbiomics. 



Our capabilities, knowledge and experience span across the HEALTH & MEDICAL, AGRICULTURE & ENVIRONMENT and FOOD INDUSTRY & ARTISANS sectors.


Quantal Bioscience provides collaborative research consulting & development, science management & specialist PC2 laboratory testing services to industry & small business.


We specialise in understanding the ecophysiology & interactions of bacteria and fungi (yeasts and moulds) in diverse environments, and using this knowledge to solve problems, unlock opportunity & create value for our partners.



Got an R&D or NPD challenge for us? We'd love to hear about it :-)



We also work with research & academia, crowd science communities and students of all ages, teachers & schools in a uniquely networked approach to scientific investigation, research & development, engagement & education.


We love what we do and love to share what we know.

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