Teacher Professional Development Stages 3 – 6

Microbiology in Schools: Skill UP Fear NOT

1 day hands-on course

For teachers looking to explore the microbiological world in their science classes, Quantal Bioscience offers Microbiology in Schools: Skill UP Fear NOT. This is a 1-day hands-on course conducted in our research laboratory based at The King’s School in North Parramatta, suitable for senior primary to senior high school teachers. 

Microbiology-focused classroom demonstrations and practical investigations by students provide engaging content that can link into the Science curriculum from Stage 3 to Stage 6. Beyond the obvious importance of microorganisms in human, animal and plant health, microbiology-focused experiments are an expedient classroom device to demonstrate the diversity of ecosystems, and the many and varied interactions between the living and physical worlds. Across all Stages, microbiology investigations will enhance the development of skills in Thinking Scientifically and Working Technologically. Students participating in microbiology investigations may also gain knowledge and understanding of content in the topic Living World, for example:

  • Stage 3 – adaptations of living things and their response to the physical environment;
  • Stage 4 – the diversity of living things; how the structure and function of living things affects their classification; and the beneficial or harmful effects microorganisms can have on humans and ecosystems;
  • Stage 5 – explain how natural selection relates to changes in microbial populations, including in the development of antimicrobial resistance.

For 2018 Stage 6 Biology and Investigating Science, the integrative science of microbiology offers an accessible platform from which to launch student Depth Studies. Many microbiological methods and technologies are compatible with high school laboratories, and there are countless opportunities for students to frame their investigations within the context of contemporary Australian and international research.

The Skill UP Fear NOT foundation course covers best practice microbiological safety, ensuring teacher familiarity and competency in handling Risk Group 1 microorganisms in school classrooms. The course will also provide teachers skills in introductory microbiological techniques. These skills and techniques will be taught in the context of both observational and experimental lesson plans suitable for senior primary to senior high school students. Our practical approach will give you confidence to safely bring the microbiological world into your classroom and engage your students!

The Skill UP Fear NOT course is developed and delivered by Dr Belinda Chapman and Dr Michelle Bull, applied research microbiologists, each with 20 years’ experience across food, health and environment sectors. Belinda and Michelle also have 5 years’ experience bringing their enthusiasm for the microbiological world to students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Through Quantal Bioscience, they have delivered food, human health and environment-themed microbiology workshops and research projects to students through their school holiday and after-school programs. They are a partner in The Future Project, through which they collaborate with Year 10 and Year 11 science students to facilitate in-depth research projects.

This course is available at a cost of $250 +GST per teacher, max. 8 teachers per session.

Term 4 classes dates available now:

Wed 22nd November, Tues 28th November, Wed 6th December

Additional dates may be available on request.

For information and to book, email belinda.chapman@quantalbioscience.com.





Stay tuned for further teacher professional development opportunities coming soon from Quantal Bioscience.

For information about teacher training to support our specific  Microbiology in Depth programs for Stage 6, please see the section below.



Teacher Professional Development for Microbiology in Depth – Stage 6




Quantal Bioscience offers optional depth-study specific teacher training courses supporting our Microbiology In Depth programs. These training courses are delivered in our research laboratory at The King’s School in North Parramatta. Each Microbiology In Depth teacher training course covers the core concepts and teaching materials provided in the selected depth study package, including discussion of the provided primary literature and contemporary research in the area. The courses give teachers the opportunity to learn the specific microbiological skills and techniques most likely to be required in the student investigations. We will also cover in detail the various options for students to develop their unique depth study investigations.

The courses are a valuable opportunity to rapidly develop familiarity with each Microbiology In Depth theme and confidence in the necessary laboratory skills and techniques for your students to undertake unique and authentic practical investigations.


Microbiology In Depth: Microbial Stress Response Teacher Professional Development

1 day hands-on course

Microbes are found in diverse environments, including on and inside the human body, in food and in soil. While they may not immediately appear so, at the microscale many of these environments are extremely harsh. Therefore, while many microbes are adapted to survive and even grow in these environments, they will inevitably also experience physiological stresses during their life cycles. 

In this Microbiology In Depth professional development course teachers will develop an appreciation of the Microbial Stress Response theme, including those areas that provide “jumping off points” for student-led investigations of:

  • the stress responses of microbes from different environments including soil, foods, and the human body;
  • stress in response to a range of variables, including: temperature, nutrients, atmospheres, and chemicals;
  • simultaneous and sequential stress responses;
  • stress response comparison between different microbes at the genera, species and strain level;
  • stress response at different microbial population stages.

Teachers will have the opportunity to perform hands-on laboratory techniques relevant to the Microbial Stress Response theme.

Teachers will have ample opportunity to raise questions with the scientist trainers, and to discuss all elements of the depth study package.

Term 1 2018 course dates are now available for booking. 

Additional dates may be available on request.

Please note that bookings for this course are available only for teachers at schools who have purchased the Microbial Stress Response depth study package. Please also note that, for teachers new to microbiology, we recommend prior completion of our Microbiology in Schools: Skill UP, Fear NOT foundation techniques and biosafety course.

For further information about our Microbiology in Depth teacher professional development please contact belinda.chapman@quantalbioscience.com.