Microbiology in Depth

Quantal Bioscience offers a revolution in STEM engagement that is truly unique in Australia…

Our new Microbiology in Depth programs provide research teaching frameworks to support teachers and students undertaking depth studies as part of the new Stage 6 curriculum.

Quantal Bioscience’s Microbiology In Depth programs are constructed on a core of scientific content and microbiological skills that then provide a flexible framework in which students are able to conduct individual or collaborative Practical Investigations that will meet the minimum 15 or 30 hour in-class time requirements for Stage 6 science.

Our Microbiology in Depth programs provide considerable benefit to teachers, making possible large numbers of unique depth studies within a class, while allowing management of these within a single, rich overarching context. Explicit teaching of a core of subject material facilitates the assessment of required Knowledge and Understanding learning outcome(s). With this foundation knowledge in hand, students are well supported to undertake their Stage 6 depth studies as theme-focused Practical Investigations and demonstrate their skills in Working Scientifically.

Each Microbiology In Depth base package is comprised of:

  • 1 day teacher professional development training
  • Comprehensive teacher resource manual (hard copy & electronic) including:
    • Suggested lesson plans (15 or 30 h) incorporating mini-lectures, mini-practicums, practical investigations and assessments
    • Mini-lecture slide deck (fully editable) – extending Knowledge & Understanding
    • Mini-practicum set – essential skills for Practical Investigations
    • Short course on how to prepare a research poster and report
    • Short course on data analysis
    • Guidance on “jumping off points” for student Depth Studies
    • Guidance on summative assessment, including rubric (with bonus guidance on formative assessment, including rubrics)
    • Primary scientific literature reference list
    • Lab materials resource list for teaching / support staff
  • Comprehensive student support materials
    • Student microbiology skills manual
    • “Meet the microbes” student manual
    • Student lab book keeping guidelines and template
    • Research plan templates
    • Research poster template (fully editable)

Beyond the base package, additional support is available for each Microbiology in Depth study, including support from Quantal Bioscience scientists in your classroom.

The following Microbiology in Depth studies are currently available:

Microbial Stress Response for Year 11 and Year 12 Investigating Science

Being Bacillus for Year 11 Biology Module 1: Cells as the Basis of Life

Microbes Under Pressure for Year 11 Biology Module 3: Biological Diversity

Focus on Antimicrobial Resistance for Year 12 Biology Module 7: Infectious Diseases

Our Microbiology in Depth program has been developed by drawing on our ~100 combined years’ experience across our scientific staff and research students AND our authentic current scientific research efforts.

Base packages including professional development for one teacher start from less than $2,000. Packages are an investment for your school, and can be used again and again across different subjects and Stages. Discounts are available for low SES- and regionally-disadvantaged schools, and teacher professional development sessions are available for remote delivery.

For more information about our Microbiology in Depth programs and to register your school’s interest please contact us at contact@quantalbioscience.com.

Microbiology in Depth Programs for Stage 6 Biology


Coming soon: Being Bacillus

Microbiology in Depth program suitable to extend the Knowledge and Understanding Learning Outcomes for Year 11 Biology Module 1: Cells as the Basis of Life.



Available now: Microbes Under Pressure

Microbiology in Depth program suitable to extend the Knowledge and Understanding Learning Outcomes for Year 11 Biology Module 3: Biological Diversity.



Available now: Focus on Antimicrobial Resistance

Microbiology in Depth program suitable to extend the Knowledge and Understanding Learning Outcomes for Year 12 Biology Module 7: Infectious Diseases.

Microbiology in Depth Programs for Stage 6 Investigating Science


Available now: Microbial Stress Response

Microbes are found in diverse environments, including on and inside the human body, in food and in soil. While they may not immediately appear so, at the microscale many of these environments are extremely harsh. Therefore, while many microbes are adapted to survive and even grow in these environments, they will inevitably also experience physiological stresses during their life cycles. As an example, although many microbes can grow in food – resulting in fermentation or spoilage – stress arises from multiple measurable variables including temperature (e.g. heating, freezing) and food components (e.g. acids, salt). A microbial stress can be thought of as any condition that is a departure from optimal conditions. Remarkably, those microbes that do survive exposure to a sublethal stress are often able to tolerate higher levels of that stress, or even a different stress altogether.

Microbiology in Depth Teacher Professional Development

Bookings available now for all professional development sessions; secure your Microbiology in Depth package now to ensure your school doesn’t miss out.

Additional teacher professional development sessions may be available on request.

Why microbiology?


Microbiology is a science that is immediately engaging for students. Microbiology is a whole world we cannot see, but one that is all around us, on us and in us each and every day. Therefore we are constantly encountering the microbiological world, but with rarely a thought spared for how it affects our world and our lives.

Microbiology is an incredibly applied science. Our health and wellbeing, the ability to grow our crops, the foods we eat and many of the products that we use each day all depend on microbiology. In some cases, humans have appreciated the value of microbes for thousands of years (even before they knew what microbes were). But in many cases, the importance of microbes to human existence is only just beginning to be appreciated. Therefore, the science of microbiology has a rich history to draw on, as well as an exciting and high tech future ahead of it. Microbiomics, the study of complex microbial ecosystems using molecular biology and bioinformatics, will be central to the high tech future of microbiology.

Microbiology is a wonderful context for true STEM teaching and application. This is because microbiology is an integrative science that draws on and utilises biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and technology. Each and every one of these scientific disciplines is important in microbiology. Teaching students basic science concepts is much more easily achieved when they can be placed into an engaging context such as microbiology. An engaging context has also been shown to dramatically improve a student’s ability to recall facts and science concepts, and to deepen their understanding of these. With this deep understanding comes improved confidence in application of their knowledge to solve problems, and improved problem-solving ability.

What are the requirements for Stage 6 Depth Studies?

The new NESA requirements for Stage 6 depth studies are as follows:

  • A minimum of 15 or 30 hours of in-class time is allocated in both Year 11 and Year 12
  • At least one depth study must be included in both Year 11 and Year 12
  • The two Working Scientifically outcomes of Questioning and Predicting, and Communicating must be addressed in both Year 11 and Year 12
  • A minimum of two additional Working Scientifically skills outcomes, and further development of at least one Knowledge and Understanding outcome, are to be addressed in all depth studies

Quantal Bioscience’s Microbiology in Depth programs provide support for all of the NESA requirements for Stage 6 depth studies.