Science for Real Workshops Recommended for School Years 3-6





Microbial Me

Did you know that you are mostly made of microbes?!

YOU have about 100 trillion microbes living on and inside your body. Get to know your microbial minions in this Science for Real workshop. Meet your teeth beasties, spawn your own minions, build and blast a biofilm and work with real microbiologists.

Microbe Planet

Ten billion bacteria live in a gram of ordinary soil, a mere pinch between thumb and forefinger. They represent thousands of species, almost none of which are known to science. Into that world I would go…” (E.O. Wilson, The Naturalist)

Microbes are the most abundant living thing on planet Earth. And the hunt is on for microbes on other worlds! Working with real microbiologists, in this Science for Real workshop you’ll discover the hidden microbial worlds in pond water, in the soil and on plants.

Microbe Kitchen Rules

You might think you’re a masterchef, but it’s really the MICROBES that RULE our KITCHENS!

Yoghurt, bread, salami, cheese; our favourite foods are made by microbes.

But in the depths of every sponge and cutting board lurk their not-so-pleasant microbial rivals.

Working with real microbiologists, you’ll get to know them all in this real science workshop.

Of Microbes And Minerals

Learn how microbiologists classify cells and mineralogists classify crystals, and try out your new skills to identify a mystery specimen.

Then join us as we explore the close connections between microbes and minerals, through the science of geomicrobiology; we’ll travel from Earth to Mars and beyond!

Experiment to discover how microbes find their perfect mineral matches, make your own microbe fossils and more…

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